Who we are


We are a group of friends seeking to follow Jesus. God has called us together to look out for and love each other, and those we encounter, with all that we are. We’re learning all the time and enjoying the journey.  We’re committed to keeping God at the centre, and to hold out welcoming hands to those who would journey with us.

FEIG is an Anglican church, connected with the Church of England’s Fresh Expression initiative. We seek to express life and faith in a way that is real and makes sense in day-to-day living. Our hope is that we are a community that is honest and a place of hope in the midst of the opportunities and challenges of 21st Century living.

We meet in homes, pubs, coffee shops and different spaces within Gloucester Cathedral.   Drop us a line to find out more or to arrange to meet up.


Our calling cards

After much prayer and reflect we have come to realise that the essence of who we are and what we are about is a community of




Our Values

A focus on establishing a community that enables deep relationships and full participation.

A commitment to exploring scripture in order to understand and put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ in our culture.

A commitment to organic growth, both numerically and in the spiritual life of each person involved.

Foster a variety of access points which enable individuals to be involved in the life of the community at their own pace.

Seeking to be creative and open-minded in both our communal life and our worship.

A commitment to taking risks and learning from our valuable mistakes and failures.

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