Our community story

Why FEIG? (Pronounced ‘feeg’)

To begin with the name expressed an intention to start a fresh expression of church in Gloucester (F.E.I.G.), but now it is so much more than that. FEIG is a community of friends and family; an expression of the body of Christ in Gloucester.

The story so far…

Michael Volland moved to Gloucester with his wife, Rachel, in June 2006.  Michael was ordained as a pioneer minister and commissioned to grow a fresh expression of church in the city centre. (Michael was also the curate at Gloucester Cathedral, so there is a continuing link with an established place of worship and the community that gather there.)

In 2009 Michael moved to Cranmer Hall, Durham and we are continuing this journey. We have continued to meet and grow, gathering in homes and regularly hosted Feasts in the Cathedral, including the legendary Pre-Greenbelt Feasts.

In the summer of 2010 we were joined by Steve & Min Clarke and their two children. Steve was an Associate Pastor at Trinity Church for ten years and trained for Ordination at Trinity College, Bristol, becoming Pioneer Minister in Gloucester and Curate at the Cathedral.

We would now describe ourselves as part of the family of Gloucester Cathedral, where we meet for worship, teaching, discussion, prayer & reflection. As FEIG has developed we have had the joy of children becoming part of our community and so now Sunday’s includes space and welcome for children.

In the Spring of 2014 Steve & Min  moved to the Diocese of London, where Steve is to be vicar in Islington.

We continue to be connected with the Cathedral and the Diocese of Gloucester and would love you to be in touch, or to come along to any of the things we are hosting.