Brunch & Bounce

image-1                    birthday brunch and bounce

The Brunch & Bounce events have been handed over to the Cathedral to run. You can join them in the Cathedral Chapter House once a month for good coffee, pastries and the weekend papers. Come and spend time with friends and meet new ones. A relaxed morning coffee house style open to all – With a bouncy castle for the children!  You can find the date of the next one on the FaceBook group.


Feig Feast


Sharing food together is a big deal for us, just as it was for Jesus.  From time to time we host a meal in the Cathedral. The building is closed to visitors and we are able to enjoy an ordinary meal in extraordinary surroundings.  We sometimes have a DJ and often the Cathedral has various art exhibitions and installations for us to enjoy.

Feig Pause
               to be… to connect… to pause

Pause in the Crypt     

Pause is a creative worship and prayer space.
We transform different spaces within the Cathedral to help us slow down, be still and connect with God.
These spaces are open and designed for you to interact with at your own pace.