Our Rhythm of life

We want our rhythm of life to be simple and deep.

Feig at the Cathedral

We value our link to the Cathedral and meet there when we can. Our gatherings are a chance to share life together. We often bring food to share and a different members of the community will provide a ‘pause for thought’ style reflection for anyone to dip into, either as a family or on their own. A snapshot for contemplation and/or discussion around food. We will eat, talk, play and reflect together. A shared open space where we trust that God will be amongst us in all the variety.

Feig in homes


We also aim to meet up every Tuesday evening, usually in each others homes but sometimes in a pub.  We tend to share a meal together and it is a place to reflect, worship, pray and discuss.  The first Tuesday of each month is given over to an all age get together.

Our hope is that this is a deep place of learning, friendship and honesty.